Privacy Policy

The Privacy Act 1988 requires medical practitioners to obtain consent from their patients prior to collecting personal and health information. This document details how our practice, Dandenong Plastic Surgery will collect, use, disclose and store patient information.


We will endeavour to only collect information which is required for your medical treatment. Such information may include, but is not limited to:

This information will usually be collected directly from you, however on occasions information may be collected from;

Both practice staff and medical practitioners may be required to collect such information from you. While we will endeavour to only collect information from other sources with your consent, in emergency situations we may be required to collect personal or health information from relatives or other sources without obtaining prior express consent.

Use and disclosure

Your personal and health information will be kept in the strictest confidence. However, in some situations it may be necessary to use or disclose your information for purposes such as:

We will not disclose personal information overseas. However our third party service providers may do.


Information concerning patients is stored electronically on our computer system which is maintained in a secure environment. All personnel have signed Privacy and Confidentiality Agreements binding them to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles.


You are entitled to access your own health records at any time convenient to both yourself and the practice. However, access may be denied when:

We ask that all requests for access be made in writing. The request should state the reasons for the request and what form you would like the access provided in. Should your request be denied, alternative arrangements may be made. We also ask that you collect any hard copies of records in person or nominate a third party to do so. Such a third party should be nominated in writing on a signed document stating the third party’s name and address. We reserve the right to reject any third party who we feel may not represent the patient. Hard copies can only be mailed by registered mail to avoid erroneous dissemination of information. You may incur costs associated with the copying, printing or mailing of health records.

Requests to be made to:-

Privacy Officer
Sue Bronsgeest
Practice Manager
Dandenong Plastic Surgery
114 David Street
Dandenong 3175

Ph. 9791 3533


In order to provide sound medical care it is essential that your information is as accurate as possible. Corrections may be made to material but original records will not be destroyed or deleted. It is essential that you notify us of any changes to contact details so as to avoid any accidental disclosure of your information.

Direct Marketing

We may use your personal information, including your contact details, to provide you with information about products and services which we consider may be of interest to you. You may opt out at any time if you no longer wish to receive marketing information from us.